Official Medicated Cycle #1

Another negative pregnancy test for us this month. I should really keep track on how much money I spend on pregnancy tests and ovulation kits. We could probably have paid cash for a Disney vaca by now.

Sean and I (and Payton!) are traveling to Boston in the middle of this month so it threw a wrench in our fertility treatment plans. Then again, everything happens for a reason..right?!

Since we won’t be around to get follicle ultrasounds we are unable to do the trigger shot with IUI this cycle. Instead we are doing Clomid + Estrogen and then finishing with progesterone. One thing (besides having a baby) comes to mind when reading the above medications…MOOD SWINGS. Hold on Sean / everyone I interact with. You think progesterone alone made me crazy, wait until you see this. I am going to Target on my lunch break to buy some dark chocolate and a pack of tissues because I know myself. I know that I am going to turn quickly in to a hormonal puddle of tears and snot. It WILL all be worth it in the end. We are so confident that we will be able to grow our family and hold another healthy baby (orrrr two?) in our arms.

Medication starts tomorrow so if you know me personally make plans accordingly. Plan to stay far away from me or plan to bring me treats and compliments.

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