Faux Symptoms

The faux pregnancy symptoms have started and though I tried to mentally prepare for this, it doesn’t really make it any easier. Of course there is a chance that I am pregnant but the symptoms started just shy of 24 hours after taking my meds. I’m bloated, sore , weepy. I feel nauseous and I have heartburn.

My skin even smells different ( I know that sounds weird but it’s an actual thing!). My eyes hurt, I’m tired. I feel full , like I did when I was pregnant. This is all exactly how I felt when a little life was growing inside me nearly 5 years ago.  I find myself looking back at Payton’s baby pictures and watching YouTube videos full of birth stories and deliveries. Someday that will be us again , I feel it in my bones.

I need to stay positive. Even if we didn’t conceive this cycle we are one step closer to holding a baby in our arms. We went through the motions and now next cycle we can take medication. We can do an IUI. We can conceive. We got this.

I will be going in for a progesterone check in the next few days and then we wait until a positive pregnancy test or Cycle Day #1. If CD1 comes we will then start cycle tracking (ultrasounds + blood work) and be on medication by CD4 and then an ovulation trigger and IUI by CD 16. July is going to be a big month for us and we can’t wait to see what is in store!


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