Follicle Study Results

Ah, at last some great news! I went in to this appointment exhausted. I knew we couldn’t use any medication to help ovulation so the whole study felt “pointless” to me.

We had the ultrasound done to see if there were any follicles. I have had a lot of ultrasounds done in my day so when it appeared on the screen I took a quick glance and saw nothing….

I assumed that there were no follicles but thank goodness I am not an ultrasound tech because I would fail at my job. Turns out I had a HUGGGEEEE follicle measuring 20.5mm on my right ovary. For those of you who are new to the infertility world, that means I have an awesome follicle that will release a *hopefully* giant and healthy egg within the next few days. If we hadn’t done our HSG my doctor would have given me a trigger shot and I would have confirmed ovulation within 36 hours. Unfortunately because of the dye they use, I cannot have any trigger shots this month.

After I ovulate I will be going on a medication that lengthens my luteal phase. My MD warned me that I will feel ALL the signs of early pregnancy even if I am not pregnant. I am trying to mentally prepare for that. Trying to stay hopeful while at the same time realizing all the exciting (and terrible) symptoms will probably be related to the medicine.

If we don’t get pregnant this cycle I think we have decided to jump right to IUI. It increases our chances by about 20%. We are hopeful that we will have a big follicle next month again (or TWO!) and are keeping faith that we can conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy!


Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support, we love you!

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