HSG Results *Quick Update*

Hysterosalpingogram AKA HSG is a procedure that is able to tell if both Fallopian tubes are open and whether the shape of the uterine cavity is normal (thanks Google!). If you are having fertility issues chances are you will have this test done at some point. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was a young teen so I honestly believed they would find a blockage in one or both of my tubes. I was almost kind of hoping they would find a blockage. At least it would explain my infertility , right?

Infertility is such a hard thing. When you HOPE they find something wrong or blocked so then you can make a plan to fix it. That is at least easier than not knowing.

Anyway, the HSG was extremely uncomfortable and I had a very slight reaction to the dye that they used. BUT, my tubes are clear and they look great! Which really is a relief. Right now it really just looks like I need some help ovulating to get pregnant and from what my doctor has explained to me that is the most common reason for infertility AND also one of the “easiest” to deal with.

I have been getting so many messages with support and encouraging words, I just want to thank everyone! I feel all the good vibes and prayers coming my way.

Next up…follicle study!



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  1. You are getting quite intimate with your body! The good news is everything you are find out is good!!!! There will be another little Molin in no time! Love you!


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