Our First Fertility Appointment

We handed the nurse what felt like 500 pages of medical information and questionnaires. After about 15 minutes the nurse took us back and plopped me on a scale. I held my breath and waited for the number to show up . It was good. The number was under what I needed it to be to have my body mass index be at an acceptable number for fertility treatment(s).

When the nurse rambled off how my blood pressure was great and then asked us if either of us did recreational drugs like speed or meth I chuckled and answered politely, no. We went through a slew of other questions for what felt like two hours.

Sean was anxiously tapping his feet. I knew he had no idea what we were talking about. Terms like ” CD 23″ and “10 day LP” meant nothing to him. We were talking gibberish. The only time he gave any sort of response is when the doctor mentioned a semen analysis, he sure as heck knows what that is.

The doctor decided to start with some blood work. A variety of things will be tested including a test that can determine if I have PCOS. Which it sounds like she believes is the problem. She doesn’t think I am ovulating despite the positive ovulation predictor kit strips. Once we get those results back we will do a bunch of different blood tests and ultrasounds throughout this cycle as well as an analysis for Sean (he is about as thrilled as you can possibly imagine).  She told us we will be on medication(s) by July. We were told we already have an “ace in the hole” because we have Payton so they believe that they can and will get us pregnant!

After the appointment Sean and I went out for lunch together. We sat and talked about the results and the 10-15% chance we would conceive TWINS! It was nice for us to hear a professional tell us that this is possible. We have been working off emotions so it was nice to get facts. It was nice to finally have a plan and to see actual numbers of success rates. It was comforting and gave us the extra pep we needed to move forward with this journey. It has been difficult but I am glad we are finally taking the next steps. We will get our first set of blood results in about a week.

Thank you to everyone who has been by our side throughout all of this. It is scary to share something so personal but we have been showered with prayers, good vibes and words of encouragement. It all means more than you know!



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  1. Ashley and Sean – I am so excited for you. It is a big step but so far it sounds so positive!! You are on my prayer list! Lots of love coming your way too. Penny


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