Minnesota Chickens (12 Weeks)

The chickens are finally 12 weeks old. I am going to give it another week but I am almost positive we have some roosters in our group. My bigger girls are luckily all obviously female but my Silkies have been harder to sex. I think we have at least two roosters and one hen but I am waiting to see what Ducky (the runt) turns out to be. Fingers crossed that our little bugger is a girl.

In other news…these chickens poop so much. When they were little it was so minimal but now that they are big it seems like there is poop and shavings everywhere! Which is fine because now it is composting away ready to be used as an excellent fertilizer in my garden!

They moved out to the garage a couple of weeks ago and the weather is finally nice enough in Minnesota to get them outside permanently. That means Sean and I need to put together the big coop that we got from Urban Northern Coops ! We are so excited to get this beautiful coop up and I am sure the ladies (and gents) will appreciate all the extra room and the ability to enjoy the fresh air and sun!

For now, we are letting the chickens out during the day. They use a Peck and Play (yes, a chicken version of a Pack and Play) we found here ! It was so worth the money to see them playing outside without having to worry about the neighbor cat or any other critters trying to have them for a snack.

dog coop.JPG


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