Paleo Recipes to Try (Main Dish)

You want to make a Paleo recipe that tastes amazing but don’t want to rummage through your Pinterest to find a recipe? No problem, we have you covered!

Check out these recipes! We have gathered a variety of dishes by some very talented food bloggers. While you’re grabbing a recipe go browse their sites too – they have plenty more recipes to discover!


Of course I have to start with an Asian dish. I love using shirataki noodles. Some people give them a bad rep but seriously , they are good and my toddler doesn’t taste any difference! Just make sure you rinse them and they can be a substitute for any dish that calls for noodles. Lectin Free Foodie gives a great description and breakdown of this recipe (spoiler : it’s easy!!)  Chicken and Vegetable LoMein – Paleo


I’m always looking for ways to use my slow cooker. What makes this recipe even better is that you probably have all the ingredients you need at home already. A simple recipe like this might be a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen , too! Teaching them that healthy doesn’t have to be complicated and it can still taste delicious! Saurkraut & Beef Stew brought to you by Chicken Scratch NY !

chicken scratch ny.JPG

Is your mouth watering yet? Keep up! This Pineapple Ginger Chicken brought to you by the Whole Cook might become you new go-to meal! Eat it during the week or impress your friends with a weekend dinner party.

Pineapple Ginger Chicken.JPG


Apples and pork are the new peanut butter in jelly , amirite? Simple ingredients and another great slow cooker meal that will leave your belly full and your house smelling amazing! The Simple Supper knew what she was doing with this Pork Loin with Rosemary Applesauce !

pork loin

Fish sticks have gotten a major upgrade with this Almond & Coconut Crusted Fish Sticks recipe from Haute and Healthy Living! There are so many things you could pair this with and it is totally kid friendly while still looking and feeling super fancy!

fish sticks

Another recipe that is sure to have your taste buds happy! The Kitcheneer brings together great flavors in thisSticky Mango Chicken recipe!

mango chicken

Is anyone surprised that I started and ended with an Asian dish? Asian food is my favorite and you can do so much with the flavors to mix it up! You can even make….meatloaf! That’s right! What Great Grandma Ate for the win with this Paleo Asian Meatloaf ! Think of all the sides you could pair it with (cauli-rice, cauli-mash, potatoes, broccoli slaw, garlic green beans) ! meatloaf

That’s all I have for now! Let me know if you would like to see a breakfast, dessert, lunch or snack edition of this post!


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