Advice From Grams (Relationship Challenge)

I was on the phone with my great grandma (Grams) last night. Often times I miss her call or am in the middle of doing something. Last night she caught me while I was sitting down and able to answer.

We chatted for awhile about the weather, our health and our upcoming trip to Texas.

Before we got off the phone I asked her if she had a boyfriend (my Gramps passed away) and she laughed and said she enjoyed the company of men but no boyfriend existed. I asked her what she meant ( I was just praying to the good Lord that she wasn’t going to start talking about booty calls or anything related to sex) and she said that she liked playing cards and talking with men because they “whine less about their aches and pains than women do” ha!

We went on to joke a bit and I asked her how she was doing without Gramps around. She told me it was hard but she was so thankful for the years they have. She said he was never cross with her and told her that he loved her every single day.

I think I made a sarcastic joke about being too nice (if you know me, you aren’t in the least bit surprised) and then she said something that hit me.  She said “Always be nice to your spouse. You’ll never regret being nice to them. But if you are mean, someday you will regret that.”

After we hung up I thought back on all the times I was mean to someone and guilt washed over me. Then I thought about all the times I went out of my way for someone and it gave me comfort. I don’t have a single regret about being nice to someone but I hold on to a lot of guilt for all the times I was rude, short, impatient or just plain mean to someone.

So , I came up with an idea in my head. What if for the next week I didn’t say a SINGLE rude or negative thing to my husband ? For seven days I am only loving , positive , helpful and sincere.

Maybe a week of being 100% positive to your spouse sounds really easy to a lot of people but it will definitely be a challenge for me. My fault is my mouth. I say sarcastic , passive aggressive comments all too often even when I am not meaning to be rude or sarcastic. I am critical of the stupidest things like the way Sean orders food through a drive thru (He talks but keeps letting go of the break and nudges forcefully forward until he reads off our whole order or until I am about to puke / have whip lash) or how passive he is driving ( SEAN HONK AT THAT A**HOLE) . So for our road trip and the next week I am going to be NICE.

Oh, and I am not telling him that I am doing this. Let’s see if he notices! Stay tuned for the results.

Will you take the challenge with me?




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