Road Tripping When You’re Paleo

We are gearing up for our 30 hour round-trip road trip (say that 10 times fast) so it only seems fitting that I would write about how we are going to maintain our Paleo lifestyle while still enjoying and indulging on some goodies along the way.

Please let me premise this by saying we are going to make the best choices while still being realistic and enjoying our food and vacation. Aim for 80/20 and cut yourself some slack !

To avoid McDonald stops we are packing a cooler and filling it with….

  • Pickles + Olives
  • Nut+Seed packets
  • Lara Bars / RX Bars
  • WATER (very important!)
  • Kombucha
  • Fruit
  • Approved jerky
  • Veggie chips + Salsa/Guac
  • Hard-Boiled eggs
  • Veggies + Dump Ranch
  • Fruit Leather + Apple Juice (Toddler approved)


When we are in Texas we are going to be lazy and cheap and take advantage of the hotel breakfast. Eggs, fruit and bacon. I am going to assume the bacon or sausage is not Paleo but again we are just going to do the best we can.

Lunches and dinners we will be eating out. Here are some of our go-to options…

  • Steak + Potatoes with a side of veggies
  • Fajitas
  • Bun-less burgers
  • Large salads with olive oil and vinegar
  • Burrito Bowls (Chipotle)
  • Sushi (let’s be honest here, I am getting my sushi with rice and using soy sauce!)


Exceptions! These are the things we have deemed worth the cheat and probably the stomach ache later on.

  • BBQ…not sure what BBQ item we are getting but how do you go to Texas and not have meat slathered in BBQ sauce? You don’t.
  • In N’ Out burger and fries. We don’t have these in MN so we are going to grab a burger and probably a regular coke.
  • Starbucks – iced white mocha with coconut milk + no whip


So are we going to have some cheats? Yes! Are we going to enjoy them to the fullest? Yup! But we are going to be conscious of our food choices and luckily there are some really great places in Dallas that have amazing Paleo food !


Watch for a Paleo Dallas review in a few weeks!




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