Road Trip + BIG YouTube Surprise!

The Molin family is driving to warmer weather! Sean decided that for his Birthday he wanted to do a family trip to Texas. He holds a lot of great memories from road trips he took with his family.

Once, I drove with a bunch of other kids to Oklahoma for a horse convention and then a couple of years ago Sean and I drove to Chicago. Other than that, I have no experience with long trips, especially not with a toddler! Payton and I both have a tendency to get car sicks so this should be really interesting!

My original plan was to read but that doesn’t seem like a good idea so I will be trying out a few audio books (never have used them!). We will be making a few fun stops along the way, too.

Speaking of fun stops we drive through Missouri so……..We are meeting Doug & Stacy from OFF GRID WITH DOUG & STACY! Yes, you heard that right! I don’t know how to contain my excitement. I am so thankful that they are having us out and I can’t wait to see their place in person + talk their ear off . It is still sinking in that this is real.

I found their YouTube channel at the very, very start of our journey when we were just considering getting one or two chickens and now we are going to meet the King and Queen of homesteading (ha!).

More details to come but for now….”This is Ashley from Cage-Free Mom and I am a Homestead Homie & you are watching Off Grid with Doug & Stacy!”

Let us know if you are a #HomesteadHomie and if you have any questions you want us to ask them!

D&S House.jpg

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