I’m A Loser


I finally made the decision to stop dieting and start changing my lifestyle. Only now that I am dedicated to changing my lifestyle and no longer looking for a quick fix am I succeeding. I wish I could tell you that you will succeed your first time, I didn’t.

It took me three tries to complete my first round of Whole30.  At first it was really hard. I had to learn what ingredients were okay and what weren’t. I had to figure out that table salt sometimes has sugar and that nothing is safe from nasty hidden ingredients.

Now that I am finished with round #3 (which we extended to 48 days) it has become second nature. Since Whole30 is pretty restrictive and is to be used as a reset, we follow Paleo between rounds. I always feel satisfied and it really is a simple “diet” that anyone can do if they are dedicated. I don’t count calories, carbs or anything else. I don’t punish myself and I don’t obsess over food. I eat real, healthy food. I am able to recreate all of my favorite dishes so I rarely feel deprived and if I do feel deprived, we make an exception and we eat what we want. This is thought out and not based off of emotion or urges to binge.  I ate a piece of my favorite cake for our daughter’s birthday and then I got right back on Paleo. When you see results and you feel so good you don’t want to get trapped in the cycle of bad eating. When you successfully change your lifestyle and become healthy you begin to realize that food no longer trumps your psychical or mental health.

Not only have we seen physical results but the mental health / mentality aspect of our lives has completely shifted. My husband manages his anxiety better than he ever did on medication, our relationship is better, I am a better and more active mom, my internal voice is much more kind than it was before. Really, everything is better. We spend less time watching TC, more time cooking and playing together and we spend WAY less money than we ever did before. Our hearts are more calm and our faith roars loader than it ever has.

My advice to  you if you are debating on a lifestyle change is – DO IT! It is worth it. Go educate yourself (What the Health, Fed Up and We Love Paleo are great shows to watch). Plan your meals, plan quality time and watch your life change. It doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive or impossible. It just takes a little work and dedication.

It is funny how food can bog you down and make you believe that being lazy, tired and depressed is normal. It isn’t! 

Down 30 pounds since December 18th 2017 


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