Snow, Snow, Go Away

I am itching. I can barely stand it. Spring is in sight even in Minnesota and I have never been so ready. Right now our yard is full of snow and we stay inside most of the time. At this point we don’t even own snow pants and it is better to wait for spring sales to buy any. We have the chickens in our basement, our dog uses a doggy door and our shed is frozen shut. There is nothing to do.

Pinterest has been a great help to create “Winter Check-lists for homesteaders” but honestly , we are so new that most of those tasks don’t apply to use quite yet.

It is so boring. I have resorted to obsessive Pinterest, Homestead Blog and YouTube searches. I have checklists , spreadsheets and plans. I already have my black dirt and manure quotes for the garden, my material list for the raised beds and I have our coops sitting in the garage waiting to be put together. It is like I am sitting here revving my engine but the light isn’t turning green!

It isn’t even time to start planting seeds indoors. I am probably driving my husband (who is much more laid back than I am ) bonkers. Since I can’t work outdoors I am trying to figure out canning shelving in our basement, wanting to organize the garage and yes…thinking about starting a YouTube channel. I have all the equipment for it but I keep holding myself back. I hate the sound of my voice on camera. I don’t have a ton of experience with a lot of homesteading and I don’t have anything besides recipes to show. Maybe I will start by doing some recipe tutorials. Who knows!


Stay tuned and if you are feeling generous let me know what you do during the winter to prepare for better weather!







  1. I am so sick of the snow also, I sat here in boredom watching the snow fly this morning!

    Thank god for this blog and Tangi from Freedom Homestead on YouTube, it made my day go by much faster!


    1. You are so sweet! I need to look up Freedom Homestead, I am not sure I have had the chance to check them out! Where are you from? We had a great day and now we are snowing again in MN. Can’t catch a break!


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