Growing Our Garden

This year is the year. No more fiddle-farting (maybe only Minnesotans say that) around. The last two years we have been pretty lax when it comes to gardening. We grew some peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries , 3 apple trees, green beans and tried to grow a row of corn. The corn…that was a fail. It didn’t even come up.

This year, we have big dreams. We are set to have 5 raised garden beds and 3 galvanized tubs of veggies/fruit. Asparagus will be planted in the back of our property because I have heard it takes a few years to get going. The apple trees will be pruned and the two existing garden beds will eventually be moved.

I have been doing a lot of “companion planting” research lately. I tried to plan out the garden and put things that thrive next to each other. I learned from Off Grid Doug & Stacy (Gardening w/ Clyde) that your rows should be planted North to South , who knew. Definitely a “nugget” of information in that video so go check it out. I also bought my garden planner from Clyde (featured on the video linked above) and it was $5 with free shipping. I bought some seeds as well but seriously , how can you go wrong with $5 full garden planner? Postage to get it to you probably costs more. It is such a handy tool to use and has made me really confident in our garden for this year. The video explains how to use it but basically by putting in your last frost date for your city the chart will tell you when to start seeds indoors, when to plant, when you can expect harvest and also how many pounds of each item you can expect to get from each plant/row.

We are filling one whole garden bed with all things “salsa” and hope to be able to can a ton of salsa and spaghetti sauce that will last us and our family throughout the year. I am also really looking forward to canning some green beans and trying my hand at pickles. My mom is a really great canner so , maybe she will be willing to show me the ropes since it will be my first go-around in my own kitchen with my own veggies.

I’m also looking forward to making some soups and stews this year. I stumbled on to a great video by Guilbrook Farm all about soup canning. You can watch it here How to Pressure Can SOUP. I really appreciate her going step by step on making her bone broth and breaking it down for newbies. It was also a great reminder to save my bones! Freeze those puppies and they will come in handy later down the road. She used the extra meat that she wasn’t going to put in the soup for her chickens. I LOVE the no-waste mentality. It is good for this world and it saves a ton of money.

If you are looking for a specific soup to can you can probably find a great video on YouTube with instructions. Just use the search bar and go to town (if you find an amazing one , link it in the comments I would love to check it out).

We decided we are going to put a fence around the garden. We have birds that really like to pick at our fruit and I see some creatures around so I think we are safer by enclosing it. I would hate to spend so much time gardening and then have all the animals eat it! Side note- if you haven’t seen Peter Rabbit in theaters, go take your kiddos. I was shocked at how funny it was. I found myself laughing out loud and of course the kids liked it too.

Sean , Payton and I will be doing weekly or bi-weekly vlogs of our garden progress (as well as our chicken /homesteading progress) . We received our tripod and selfie stick in the mail yesterday so we no longer have an excuse not to start making those videos! Get ready to hear some great “Fargo” accents!


Some of our garden plans 

Garden Post


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