Chicken Math

You start with wanting two chickens , then you get five chickens. Then a week later , you have nine chickens . How did it happen ? It’s the best unsolved mystery of 2018.

It’s all such a blur. We will have little cream/brown eggs , big green/blue eggs and big brown eggs. It’s all so magical , how could we have resisted ?

I’ll take blame for the first five bantams but my husband was the one who brought home the last of the bunch. We went in to get ONE Rhode Island Red and ONE Ameraucana chicken . Sean insisted that it was cruel to take just one chick out of their home without a friend to tag along ! I’m not sure he realized chickens are pretty resilient and once they see another chicken (whether they know them or not) they are just fine. I wasn’t going to protest though !

I’m just glad we made it out of there without a duck and a rabbit. I’ll call it a win! We are only allowed to have up to 15 chickens and no roosters on our property. At least our zoning is giving us some boundaries (someone has to!).

The little ones are starting to be more active and dig/scratch. They haven’t liked my scrambled eggs as treats so we will be going to get worms for them to try . I hear it’s the way to a chicks heart !

I don’t have much of an updated besides that . It’s still below zero in Minnesota and there is unfortunately nothing to do outside quite yet.

We are planning our garden and waiting to get our coop set up . Spring weather if you’re reading this HURRY UP ! We have chickens to put outside and gardens to plant.

Enjoy the little chicken photos shoot. Not all of the ladies are pictured (you’ll see the other ones soon , I promise). Ducky , Butterscotch, Sunny and Mocha!

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