Homestead Youtubers

When I started to really consider living a more simple, healthy lifestyle my first friend was Pinterest. I have a Pinterest board for chicken coops, chicken raising, gardening, recipes, DIY cleaners and everything in between. There are a ton of great resources on Pinterest but I really wanted to see how beginners started and follow their journey. Thank goodness for YouTube!

I wandered on to YouTube with no real direction. I initially typed in “How to take care of chickens for beginners” and that led me down a glorious rabbit hole of knowledge and new ideas.

The very first channel I found was Guildbrook Farm and I love them! It follows the journey of Jeremy and Jaime. They were both working for a company in leadership roles and long story short, the company was sold and after awhile they decided to start homesteading (am paraphrasing here, go to their channel to follow their full journey!). Anyway, they started on a 1 acre lot (which is what I have) and the thing I love the most about them is they are so honest, upfront , encouraging and down to earth. I watch their videos and I feel like I am listening to an old friend tell me about their experiences. They are honest about their trials and what they did wrong (they don’t blame others) but yet, they are SO encouraging and positive. It is nice to see two people with a background similar to ours make it. Jaime is also really amazing about putting out beginner content, like basic canning skills which is super helpful!

My other favorite is OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY ! They are fellow Midwesterners (is that a word?) so I really relate to their weather and experiences. They may look a little Amish but they aren’t ! These two are so amazing. Stacy gives the best tips for natural oils / herbs /salts and how to use them for multiple purposes. I really credit her with saving us a ton of money. We use oils and Epsom salt for basically everything now! Doug is hilarious, light-heartened and gives really good tutorials on how to build things and makes things really easy and uncomplicated to understand.  They really make the most out of everything and I love following them through their garden (really amazing advice) and how to build coops/garden beds. I love that they engage with their fans , too. Before every episode they feature some “Homestead Homies” which is so cool!

Weed em’ & Reap is also an amazing channel! Though, they live in AZ and I don’t relate at all to their weather (wish I did) they have some great tips and tricks. They are fun to follow and have actually made me really interested in getting goats! They have a beautiful set up and some great kids that help around the farm.

Lumnah Acres is my last (but not least) go-to channel !This family of 3 is so fun to watch. They have the BEST attitude and make you really believe in nice people, I swear. I love listening to their NH accents, it gets me every single time ( I am from MN and sound like it so I appreciate other heavy accents!). This YouTube is so jammed packed with useful information and tutorials. If you want to know how to do something , you can probably figure out how to do it on their channel.

That’s all I have for you! Let me know what your favorite channels are ! If you check out any of these ones, tell them Cage-Free Mom sent you! Enjoy!

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