Chicken Little

The little ones are finally settled in and it is fun to watch their little personalities shine. They are all 6 days old now and seem to be doing really well. I never could have imagined that chickens would have such personalities at such a young age or that they would be so easy to take care of. They are so far, very little maintenance.


This little one is the odd duck of the bunch. He/she is the smallest, loudest and silliest one so far. Ducky enjoys being held (the others don’t). I was told that the little chirps and neediness is a sign that our little Duckster is a Roo. I am still hoping that isn’t true but if it is, I am hoping he is quiet and we can keep him because this one is my favorite!


Shadow is timid and sweet. She is very quiet and content. She is the second smallest but seems to be eating and drinking the most. She goes with the flow of things and is definitely a follower, not a leader. This leads me to believe (or hope) that she is a little girl!


The Splash babies were the colors I was most excited for. Marshmallow is the sleepy one of the bunch and likes to follow , not initiate. He/she eats when the others start eating and drinks when they drink.

Fairy Potter:

FP isn’t the biggest but I find him/her to be the little leader of the pack. Maybe a Roo? They are still so young but my Google searches tell me that the Roos start trying to control things pretty early on. He is our second most boisterous (behind Ducky). I find him pushing his way in to the corner to be in the middle. I am calling him a he, maybe a sign? Although, I was convinced I was going to have a boy and I ended up having our daughter so I have been wrong before!


Butters is really sweet, timid and fluffy. She is the biggest of the bunch but doesn’t act like it. I am really hoping she is a hen too because she is very sweet and she is our only buff colored baby!


Well, there you have it! A little breakdown of the personalities! Did your chickens have personalities this early? Where you right on your gender guesses? Let me know what you think about these little ones, too!



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