Chicken Town

Today was the day! We finally got our baby chickens. We walked into the breeder (VJP Poultry here in MN) not knowing what to expect or how many we were going to get. She had some beautiful pullets (girls) or they appeared to be girls…they were 7 weeks old and I really wanted them. The only problem was they were all black and Payton wanted some variety of color. The only white, grey or buff she had around that age she was keeping as show birds or had sold the previous week. Apparently those are really popular colors and everyone wants a white bird. So, she brought down some baby chicks that were only 4 days old and we decided to get them. There were two splash (they will get spots in a few weeks) , two black and one buff colored. I really wanted a blue one but they had all sold out. If we end up with some roosters and return them , I will try for some blue and grey babies.

There is about a 50/50 chance of getting a rooster or getting a hen. We decided to get 5 chicks and hope for 2 or 3 hens (or get ALL hens!!!). We won’t know if we got any roosters for a few months. It is really hard to sex Silkie chickens. We have one loner bird that seems to be chirping and staying away from the others. He just fell asleep and as I was typing this, he woke up. I might go get him because I feel terrible.

Okay now the little black one is sleeping soundly in my shirt and I can continue to type out my thoughts. I am really hoping this little one is a hen because I love him/her .  I might need to make a rooster exception if this is a little boy.

I was told they only need a light for a few weeks so , we are going to keep a close eye on them and hope they all pull through and are magically 100% hens because I am already attached to them.

Any tricks or tips that you guys have leave them below, we are so new to this so we would love to hear from you!

Payton has picked out Strawberry and Shadow as two names so the rest are nameless. Name suggestions also welcomed!


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