Why I Stopped Buying Honey

Honey is the only sweetener (besides fruit) that we use in our household. If you don’t have  honey in your diet you are really missing out. Not only does it taste amazing but it promotes healthy weight, counters pollen allergies, natural energy source, antioxidant powerhouse , sleep promoter , wound and ulcer healer , diabetes aid and natural cough syrup. The list goes on but these are just a few of the amazing things honey does ( thanks Google for helping me out!). So, why am I no longer buying honey? Well, I didn’t stop buying honey completely , I just stopped buying honey from the store! Now I get my honey raw and local and that is just the way we like it! *RIP my beloved raw, organic Buzz + Bloom Honey*

I watched an episode of Rotten a while back (check it out on Netflix) and it completely convinced me to look beyond the store isles for my honey. I already knew that buying local was better but I didn’t really know why it was better. What is the difference between most store-bought brands and buying local honey? Is there a difference at all? The answer is, yes!!!

When you buy local raw honey it contains pollen that is around your area. When you consume this pollen on a fairly regular basis it can actually help reduce pollen allergy symptoms. When you buy the honey in the bear-shaped plastic you won’t get that.

When you buy most store-bought honey it has been pasteurized with heat and after that point it is not nutritionally the same or as good as raw honey. It may last a long time on the shelf but you are really missing out on nutritional value of raw honey.

Local honey comes from local honey bees and you know exactly what you are getting and what is in it. When you get store-bought you might notice that the label says is was sourced from multiple countries. Not only is is better to support American companies but the honey you are getting could be….not real honey.  Countries like China produce large amounts of honey , because they stuff it with fillers (sugar!!!). The U.S has testing that can catch some of these fillers but countries are getting smarter and smarter. We have cut off trade to some specific countries but now, they are selling it and shipping from a country we do trade with to get it through. I don’t want to have to guess where my honey is coming from and if it is actually honey.

You’re supporting a local business when you buy honey locally. I don’t think there is much more that needs to be said! Bee keepers work really, really hard to not only get honey but to take care of their bees and their customers. You can feel good when your hard earned money goes in their pockets.

Lastly, honey bees make the world a better place. Seriously! We wouldn’t last very long without the bees. They don’t just give us honey they give us almond trees and flowers and really have a big role in almost everything that happens in nature.

So, go in your cupboard and read your honey label! Let me know if you decide to buy local!





  1. I saw the same episode. I am relieved that I had already been purchasing locally for the last year. I had severe allergies when I was young. Many were foods, but seasonal were included. The allergist prescribed local honey for me.


    1. Yes! I had no idea…it is funny how trusting I used to be with my food and the food industry. I have quickly learned how naive I have been!


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