The Start of Homesteading

When we bought our house I was really excited that we had a full acre to play around with. Originally I was going to just use two little raised garden beds to plant some of our favorite foods. Now that we have been there for two years and realized how much room we really have, our minds have expanded. While we were enjoying our space we have also talked about budgeting, saving and being more self sufficient. There were years that we would literally eat out twice a day, buy fire wood and bottles of water. It is completely unnecessary and wastes so much money. When we added up the total costs that we were purging on a monthly basis we decided that not only did we want to save money but we wanted to change our lifestyle.

We are now educating ourselves on urban homesteading and we are so excited! Aside from Pinteresting we started watching YouTube channels of people who have succesfully started homesteading on their urban lots. The first Channel I really started watching on YouTube was Guildbrook Farm . It follows Jeremy and Jamie through their journey of urban homesteading (they have since bought a rural property and started homesteading there). They lay everything out very honestly and shared all of their mistakes and their successes. I highly recommend checking their channel out if you are thinking of even getting a few chickens or starting a garden.

Now that we know we are going to start this amazing journey we have made a list and started planning the things we are going to do. We are debating on following this journey through a VLOG (video blog) as well as this blog. I found that YouTube videos have been such a tremendous help for us and we would love to do the same for someone else out there who is looking to change their life!

Here is the list of our goals!

  • Plant two raised garden beds with organic fruits and veggies for us and family members
  • Plant larger ground garden with a variety of organic food that we can eat and sell at the Farmer’s market
  • Enclose gardens to keep animals out
  • Plant our own herbs
  • Cut back our apple trees and raspberry bushes so we can keep them healthy and get tons of each fruit this year (and figure out how to keep birds out of our apple trees)
  • Start canning our own food / making pies (selling some at FM)
  • Making our own green cleaners , soaps clothing line to reduce chemicals and wasted $$
  • Start collecting rain water
  • Get a few chickens and use for eggs (not butchering at this time) Possibly expand coop and convert shed into a bigger coop
  • Compost (we have one, we just haven’t used it)
  • Become as close to zero waste as possible (composting food waste / giving it to the chickens and using their waste as garden fertilizer)
  • Gather and cut our own fire wood
  • Build a shelter for wood and garden supplies


We have a lot to learn so if you have any favorite resources or tips let us know! We love hearing from you and we really do take your advice seriously . Here is to a great and healthy 2018!



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