Winter Motivation

After Christmas I usually go into a mental hibernation until spring. There was always this mental block in me. I didn’t really have a purpose during winter. There’s nothing to do outside in -30 degree weather (thanks Minnesota) and it is easy to get wrapped up in Netflix and cuddling until the nice weather hits. Not this year though! I feel so motivated and my mind is clear.

Since we have switched to a Paleo Lifestyle, I find myself full of energy, a more positive attitude and of course all of the amazing physical changes. My skin is glowing , my hair is healthy and everything just seems to be better! By the way, if you are suffering with skin issues seriously look at your diet!

Seeing all of these results makes me so excited to plan for spring and summer. I am plotting out our garden, nesting for our little chicks and figuring out how I can involve my husband and daughter in all of it. We were always very close but since we decided to live a more simple life with less junk (we cancelled our cable, too!) I feel like we have really spent more quality time together.

Growing our own organic food and having enough left over to share with family and friends makes me giddy. Maybe that sounds really boring to other people but to me, it is more exciting than Disney World! If you feel yourself stuck in a mental rut I would urge you to make a food change. I know it sounds dramatic but , I can’t tell  you how much it has changed my life.

If your life has been changed by diet or if you have any big plans for the spring / summer please let me know. I would LOVE to hear your stories!


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