Ball Jar Chicken Feed/Water Containers

Who else stalks Joanna Gaines on IG and on TV? I can’t be the only one. She makes me want to move to Texas and buy a little farmhouse then decorate it with all the rustic decor and shiplap I can get my hands on! She was my inspiration for this little craft!

These feeders can not only bring a little spice to your coop but they can also be used as really adorable decor. Look on Pinterest and you find literally thousands of ideas. I originally wanted to buy some Ball Mason Jars and white wash them but, if I have anything white it will get stained in two seconds. Throwback to the time I bought Sean a white shirt and less than 15 minutes later it was stained with MUSTARD. I forgot about it for a week and then there was no getting it out. This is just one teeny tiny example of why we cannot have anything white in our house.

We purchased the feeders at Mills Fleet Farm but you can also grab them through Amazon Mason Jar Feeder and Mason Jar Water Base ! These will fit with any regular mason jar, it will NOT work with a wide-mouth jar.

My jars were already painted on the sides so I just had to worry about the top. I used a gold non-toxic paint and painted the top (or bottom , technically) of the jars. I screwed them in the base and viola ! All done! A very simple craft that you probably have most of the needed materials for laying around your house. These would look really cute with plain jars or blue jars as well. If I do anymore I think I will let Payton paint them, such a fun kid craft! The only negative about paint is that you cannot see how full they are if you are using them for chickens. I think I will end up using a little piece of sandpaper and roughing mine out so I can see what is inside.

Send me pictures of your crafts and let me know your ideas!









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