Kid Friendly Meals / Snacks


It really is possible to feed your kids healthy food in a relatively short amount of time! It just takes a little planning and some stellar products to help! Here is a list of our go-to kid friendly meals/snacks that are relatively quick to make!


  • Paleo Egg Bake  is one of our favorite breakfast options. We make a big batch on a night / weekend we are free and then we can eat it throughout the week. If you want individual serving sizes, just throw the batter in muffin tins before you bake and viola! Takes about 30 seconds to reheat in the microwave and tastes delicious.
  • Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins These only take about 3-5 minutes to mix together and they taste sinful , with none of the sin! These can be warmed up or enjoyed cold. If your kid is on their way to school send them off with this and know that they will stay full until lunch!
  • Eggs & Bacon Sweet Potato Cups Another great breakfast that is easily reheat-able. These take a little prep work but again, you will be set for the week and your kids will devour them!
  • Plain old scrambled eggs. Just about anyone can make scrambled eggs in a couple of minutes. If you forgot to prep and have a couple of eggs in your fridge you can still have a great breakfast! Scramble them and throw in anything you may have on hand for an added twist. We like to add spinach, nutritional yeast , cinnamon and blueberries, peppers or just top the plain eggs with salsa.
  • Fruit- Keep a variety of fruit in your house. Things like bananas , apples and individual baggies of pre-cut mixed fruit are about the easiest breakfast that you can find. I wouldn’t recommend just fruit every single day but, in a hurry it is much better than a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich .
  • RXBAR Kids Variety Pack these are great for a quick breakfast or school snack. They are a little pricey but my daughter enjoys them and I can feel good about sending her with these “treats” when she goes somewhere.


  • Organic Mac N’ Cheese   These single serving cups are done and delicious in less than 3 minutes. Keep in mind that this contains organic wheat and dairy. I feel okay about giving my daughter this. She loves it and it is all organic. We decided not to eat wheat and dairy for the most part but in small amounts for her, it works. Dairy is a big topic and gray area in Paleo. Do what is best for you and your family!
  • Organic Chocolate Milk Again, this obviously has dairy in it. These are the same brand you would get in a kids meal at Chipotle. My daughter loves them!
  • Paleo Wraps We love putting sandwich fillings in these or putting eggs and bacon in them as a breakfast wrap. They are a really nice alternative to bread and if your child is at school with no microwave, this is the solution.
  • Veggie Stir Fry    We love stir frying with sweet potato noodles. This is a great recipe, we do put chicken in ours though! We use this Coconut Aminos as a great sub for soy sauce.
  • BLT Sushi – This recipe is the ! It has all the goodness of a BLT with no bread. Easy to take to lunch and kids seem to love it!


  • Meat Sticks  These clean meat sticks are so good. If you look at most meat sticks they are full of junk. You can feel good about eating these and giving them to your kids. A little on the pricey side but well worth it.
  • BBQ Chips These say smokey on them and usually I am not a fan of really smokey things but these are delicious and kids like them too.
  • Paleo Thin Crackers These can be used in so many different ways! If you eat dairy , cheese is so good on these and a classic kids snack. If not, throw some almond butter and apple slices on .
  • Paleo Edible Cookie Dough The name really speaks for itself, right?!
  • Ultimate Paleo Trail Mix – super easy and a great snack for the whole family!
  • Strawberry Smoothie – you can mix it up and make any smoothie flavor you want. We like to make the one linked and leave it extra chunky so it is more like ice cream. icecreamp


If you have any great kid-friendly meals or snacks leave your ideas below! Let me know if you try any of these out and if your kid loved them!


*I do not profit from any of the Pinterest links above*








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