Fertility Bath (Excuse to Relax)

I will use any excuse to take a bath. If I had to choose between never taking a shower again or never taking a bath again I would have someone rip out my shower , no questions asked.

When I was roaming around on Google I started to see a lot about fertility baths. Meaning, put this stuff in your bath and it could help with your fertility. Even if you aren’t TTC these things are killer in a bath and can help your body in so many ways!

My Bath Essentials :

  • Approx 2 cups Lavender Epsom Salt (I get mine at Target in the beauty isle near the loofas!)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons sea salt
  • A few drops of peppermint essential oils
  • A great candle ( My favorites right now are You Had me at Merlot and Raspberry Peach Macaroon by Bath & Body Works.
  • Bubble bar or bubble bath
  • 90’s county radio station. I guess this isn’t really necessary but I’m going to count it as a crucial step because who doesn’t love 90’s Garth Brooks?
  • Locking bathroom door (if you don’t have this , invest ASAP )


Okay so taking this bath isn’t going to get you knocked up , you’ll have to do a few other things but this can boost your chances! Nearly 20% of women in America suffer from Magnesium deficiency and if you are low on Magnesium it can cause your Fallopian tubes to contract making it really hard for an embryo to travel through. That is where the Epsom salt comes in! It is also amazing for stress relief and tight muscles. I choose to buy the lavender salt because it is calming and makes my skin smell great. That is also why I use peppermint oil . It has this really cooling and calming effect that I love. Feel free to add your favorite oils, whatever they may be! Baking soda may sound like a strange thing to put in your bath but try it! It helps rid your body of unwanted toxins and it makes your skin super soft. Sea salt also helps to detoxify your body and can be a great help in improving your circulation which you need in order to conceive!

Now to the not so important stuff (but still…really important). A great candle helps set the mood for any bath. I scored some candles when Bath & Body Works was having their Semi-Annual Sale. It is still going on and you can get candles for under $10. I grabbed some bubble bath from there too and love it. My other suggestion for bubble bath, bubble bars and bath bombs is Lush . They have the most amazing products. I am lucky enough to live within a reasonable distance from one but you can also order online. They even have little Ickle Baby Bot Bombs and Payton loves them. I prefer the bubble bars and the Intergalactic Bath Bomb .

Moving right along- I was kidding about needing 90’s country, just put on a station that you love or gives you a good throw back. Avoid sad songs, who wants to cry in the bath?  To the final thing, a locking door. I have a toddler and a husband that don’t quite understand the closed door courtesy rule. If there is a closed door, knock! If I leave the door unlocked I will have a little girl that wants to put her bath toys in the tub so I can play with them and a husband that wants to know the difference between broil and baking a steak. I even have a nosey dog and cat that sneak in to watch me if the door is left a crack open. I love them all but sometimes I just need 45 minutes alone in the bath, with no distractions.

Let me know what you put in your bath to relax and boost your fertility! I would love to try out your suggestions!


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