Top 5 Clean Cooking Spices

Do me a favor. Go into your pantry and look at your seasoning spices ingredient lists . Can’t pronounce something? It has sugar? It has dairy? It has artificial coloring? THROW.IT.OUT! Did you know most table salt has sugar in it? Gross.

Many spices are compliant and they can make or break a dish. So, don’t shy away from spices just use the right ones! I have compiled a list (with links) of my Top 5 spices!


  1.  Paleo Powder PINK- this is a great all purpose seasoning. I love putting this on roasted veggies, scrambled eggs and chicken. Paleo Powder PINK
  2. Braggs Nutritional Yeast- I’m not sure if this counts as a seasoning but I am going to put it in here because it is a gem a lot of people don’t know about. I would really miss cheese from my diet if it weren’t for this. I love adding this to eggs, pizza bakes, paleo pizza , veggies. It adds a cheesy , delicious flavor to almost any dish. I recenlty made a recipe for Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake and I am telling you , it tasted like a cheese pizza over noodles. So good and with zero guilt. Braggs Nutritional Yeast
  3. Special Shit All Purpose Seasoning (No seriously , that is the name). I heard about this seasoning on Facebook and honestly , I bought it because of the name . I fell in love with it though! I like throwing this on meat , especially red meat. Make your husband grill and tell him to put that Special Shit on your steak. Ha! Special Shit All Purpose Seasoning
  4. Cinnamon ! You can really get this anywhere (read ingredients) but this is my favorite brand. I use cinnamon on apples, mixed with nut butter, on roasted carrots and in omelettes (mixed with blueberries! So good). Organic Cinnamon
  5. Taco Seasoning! I love having lettuce wrapped tacos and taco salads. We usually enjoy taco meat once a week. The bummer is- a compliant taco seasoning is hard to find. I found this one and I love it ! Taco Seasoning


That is all I have for you! Let me know if you have any spices/seasonings that you love!


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